Kilim Andjaho

Kilim Andjaho lives in the same apartment-building as Zinzin. He is one of three children of Andjaho's family.


In the neighborhood, Kilim is well known for his big mouth and for his outstanding talent to repair cars. With his deft fingers, he brings motors back to life that seemed to be dead.

Find out more about Kilim:

  • His laughter is the broadest and strongest of all Paris.
  • Kilim is addicted to licorice. He always has incredible reserves in his pockets.
  • He always keeps the last word in discussions. Especially with his mother.

Kilim is a smart guy, and he loves to talk about anything and everything. Sometimes, his mother is driven on the verge of a nervous collapse by the endless talk of her son.


Kilim and Zinzin, neighbors and friends, understand each other at best to play all kind of hogwash to the serious other folk where they’re living.