Kotz Brocken

Kotz Brocken is primarily a nuisance… uh, but not only. As you will see in the next adventures of Zinzin, Kotz is not just a huge nuisance, but he is an extraordinary thorn in the foot.


He is a professionel photographer and stubbornly keeps on working with traditional photo-material. Because Kotz doesn't like any kind of digital stuff.

Find out more about Kotz:

  • Kotz is short-sighted and without his round glasses practically blind.
  • He draws a comic for years – who's nobody will see the end of.
  • He doesn’t like dogs and dogs don’t like him.

In Okilébo”, his greatest talent is always to show up when he is not expected at all, and totally undesirable. Wherever Kotz appears he always talks nonsense. His sayings are bound with such a cheeky body language that he constently brings Zinzin right on the palm.


Another trait of Kotz: He's always very pleased with himself!