Marie Honnête

Marie Honnête, chief secretary of Desiré de Magogue de Parderrière. She is often in conflict with this latter chiefly in what concerns the course of the work and organisation of the agency where she works for. She strucks underhand many items that her boss does not see and figures that he doesn’t have to see.

Find out more about Marie: 

  • Marie lives in a charming Parisian quarter with pigs. On this subject, more informations soon.
  • She is superstitious and reads every days up to ten horoscopes.
  • Marie is a convinced vegetarian.

Always snowed under with work between the constantly ringing phone and all kind of bumf which Marie has to cope with, appointements to take and to hold, perform outstandingly with customers and editorial offices so with de Magogue’s whims who regurlarly stands besides his own luxury shoes.