The Cartoonist

orstunisch is born in Paris, like Zinzin; and is now a free cartoonist and photographer. He is the creator of Zinzin and draws since he has a pencil in the hand. He infinitely spends a lot of time to find the best expressions for his figures and to refine all details.


orstunisch is happy on a bicycle with a sleeping-bag and a tent on the rack, looking forward to discover new landscapes which are to be found later on in his drawings…

Zinzin’s Interview with orstunisch

Zinzin: How has actually all started with us?


orstunisch: It was back in 2000. A friend of mine who is a model aircraft pilot wrote an article for “Looping“ about his journey in the United States. I should have only translated this paper in French. Then I have done a few illustrations with it. And so appeared the first Zinzin’s adventure. Well, and now your readers know that you are a photographer and a magnificent pilot with infernally good, well, almost infernally good reflexes.


Why almost? Always! – And is it true that you yourself are the model for this red-haired guy who often takes part in the strips on Zinzin’s side?


Well, so it has happened. However, I am not so brazen as he is and I do not have red hair. And only in winter, I let my beard grow.


Are there eventually more people that you know to find in your drawings?


I'm telling you that: Many of my characters are people whom I know. Some positively and some others…


How come your drawings into being?


The ideas come at the most unexpected moments in the most curious places. Then I must bring everything immediately on the paper. Without paper and pencil I never go outside! I refine my sketches in several steps up to pure drawing. This phase can take a time but backgrounds need a lot of carefulness.


And what do you plan next?


Silly question! Drawings naturally. And now leave me alone, please, I must go forward…